Monday, May 18, 2009

Ah, the internet

I'm trying to write up some materials for the project I'm working on, which looks at the role of multiple, concurrent partnerships in the HIV epidemic in Mozambique. I probably should have known better than to Google Image "network concurrent sexual" to find a good illustration of network characteristics when partnerships are concurrent.

Along with some racier stuff (and some things about computer programming...?), I got the picture above, which made me laugh. It's actually from a PSI site, and PSI is one of our main partners on the project. So it really does have to do with what I'm studying. I guess I sympathize with wanting the page to be visually appealing, and yet not having a picture that represents what's being discussed.

But still... this is funny. Some PSI intern is now patting herself on the back for being able to sneak in there a picture of a guy grabbing his lady friend's tuchas.

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