Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have an ongoing mental list of "only in Berkeley" occurrences, that I'm now going to start as an electronic list.

1. At the live broadcast of new president Obama's inauguration speech on the Berkeley campus, the mention of "nonbelievers" gets the biggest cheer of the day. OIB.

2. On an afternoon jog up in the Berkeley hills, on a quiet residential street, I run into a group of Code Pink protesters, apparently camped out in front of the house of a Berkeley professor who has been implicated in some sort of Evil. OIB.

3. The squirrel that has come into the Free Speech Cafe on campus wanders around freely for several minutes, gaining only some raised eyebrows and shrugs, even from the cafe staff. I finally chase it out, because I realize no one else will. OIB.

More to come, I'm sure; never a dull day in the Republic of Berkeley.

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