Friday, October 5, 2007

AMSA needs to work on its grammar

I just sent an email to my congresswoman thanking her for voting yes on SCHIP and continuing support for the bill as it goes back to congress after Bush's veto. And of course you should do the same because this bill will expand coverage to children who otherwise would be uninsured, helping more people in this country achieve a higher standard of health. To me, it's that simple; if you feel differently, please do tell.

But for heaven's sake, don't cut-and-paste what AMSA has written as a letter template:
"As a physician-in-training, your support of the SCHIP reauthorization bill was greatly appreciated...."

What? That means that "your support" is a physician-in-training! People, this is basic stuff. Maybe you should lay off the physiology, or even the health advocacy, for a bit and review English grammar. Maybe it doesn't really matter. But it seems to me that if you want your voice heard, you should at least make sure you're speaking correctly.

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Luke said...

I'm totally with you, Rica! I can't say how many times I've seen "its/it's" messed up in official Navy documents...