Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog of Events That Occurred During JMP Late Night Lit Review

I can't take credit for this....


11:09 – David has Coca-Cola poisoning. Will has decided to watch family guy and eat Top Dawg. Andie seems to be progressing nicely now that she has a picture of Barry Bonds in front of her. I am very . . . very . . . . upset about this lit review.

11:10 – David is laughing at me. Looks like I’ll be the only one to be contributing to this blog.

11:24 – I saw David put his head in his hands.

11:25 – Will is living in a state of ignorant bliss, still watching Family Guy without an inkling of consequences.

11:26 – David hit his funny bone – it wasn’t very funny. Group seems to be turning on Andie – she has too many resources.

11:28 – David: “I have no idea how to do this. What am I doing.” Will tells Matt that he is spending more time on the blog than on the lit review.

11:41 – Matt considers buying another cup of coffee for the second time in a half hour.

11:48 – Guy Micco shows up and said, “This is sick.” He asks us what we are doing here. We ask him the same. e gives us figs.

11:49 – Discussion of the movie “The Ring.”

11:54 – Discussion of getting McDonald’s breakfast in a few hours. Good discussion.
12:11 – Will is asleep on the couch. Will thinks he’s better than us – he is wrong.

12:20 – Will has reverted to referring to himself in the third person like Bob Dole.

12:33 – Andie denies just hitting her funny bone.

12:34 – Realizations all around about how hepatitis, a disease of the liver, is aptly prefaced with the prefix “hepat”.

12:46 – Fantasies about large fans being installed in the Fun Room commence.

1:05 – Will is missing.

1:11 – Will is still missing. David states time, followed by Matt making a rule that there is no more mentioning of time.

1:14 – Will is back.

1:55 – Group decides to address the problem of the Fun Room having a hell-like temperature by putting the fan in front of the open refrigerator temporarily.

1:56 – David is hungry, and proceeds to have moral dilemma over whether or not to steal yogurt from the Fun Room fridge. He ends up taking it.

1:59 – Discussion of erections – strangely not awkward.

2:37 – Jason is discussed as character in a martial arts movie – he would be a wise and uniting influence.

2:39 – We discuss the highlights of JMPers zoning out; focus on Nicole.

3:06 – Matt loses it – lashes out at Will.

3:07 – Will loses it – barricades himself with pieces of paper.

3:08 – Nicole loses it – yells “I can’t take it!” bangs her hands on the table, and then makes an odd screeching noise.

3:25 – Group discovers levers on left side of chair – great fun!

3:36 – Another unjustified lashing against Will. Matt feels bad, but will not tell Will. Will retaliates by threatening to shave half of Matt’s head.

4:38 – Discussion topic: is the word “sequalae” in vogue? If so, why?

4:51 – Nicole is taking a nap on the couch.

4:59 – David is done.

5:09 – Will is taking a nap on the couch.

5:28 – Will is up.

5:52 – Matt leaves.

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