Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I guess you know you're a med student when it's all about the diagnosis. Lately I've been trying to diagnose everything: I diagnosed my roommate's ear pain (bacterial otitis media resulting from URI), my cold (mostly URI symptoms with some GI -- I think it was a coronavirus), my everlasting psychological angst (still up in the air).

Today I found myself diagnosing my phone. I guess the case presentation would go something like this:

7 y.o. phone presents with lack of memory recall. Symptoms appearing gradually over the last week, easily noticeable to owner. No significant past medical history, aside from some possibly damaging drops on the ground. Family history unknown (any registered problems with basic Nokias?). Memory recall impaired only when calls or messages appear, in which case number is correct but appropriate name not matched. Name appears without problems in stored list.

Diagnosis: phone seems to be experiencing declining memory consistent with dementia. Oh, my poor phone.

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