Monday, July 28, 2008

Onde está a coração

Yesterday I went to another home -- I think I've probably blogged about at least two other "homes" by now. This home is where I stayed during my two month-long Peace Corps training: a cozy, woman-headed household in a little town about 45 minutes outside of Maputo.

It's remarkable how much it did feel like home: the kids ran out to greet me, my mom scolded me for not keeping in better touch and told me I should get married soon, and I was fed a big, greasy plate of spaghetti. I had brought a lot of toys for the kids, so we all played in the yard after lunch and got our hands covered in the red dirt that characterizes the village. I let the kids take some pictures with my camera, which they couldn't get enough of. They were too excited and impatient to learn the rules well, so there are a lot of pictures of torsos with no heads and ground with no figures, but there are a few that are surprisingly poignant. Here are 3 of mine followed by 2 of theirs.

In case you were trying to figure it out, frisbees, Silly Putty, and harmonicas all make great gifts for rural African kids. Trust me on this.

Mozambican girl plays frisbee: the dream realized!


jessicaerin said...

All the photos are GREAT! If this med school thing doesn't work out I think you should start a photography school in Moz! besos!

Che said...

I love the one of the mother and baby... and the colors in the last one are wonderful!